Company culture

People are our focus - our success is based on our team:

Our corporate culture is defined by its passion, creativity and flexibility. Only those who are enthusiastic about what they do, will inspire others. We encourage our employees to be proactive and to show initiative and we try and promote a positive and relaxed atmosphere to achieve our business goals. Team work is important to us but also the professional development of the individual.

We move forward together.


Our approach to market developments is innovative and we continually move forward. We do not stand still.


Our decision making process is outside the box, with the future kept in mind.


The team builds on a wide range of experiences and strengths and our approach is flexible and unconventional.


We promote creativity, bold actions and individual decision making.

Working environment

Modern, enthusiastic and creative

Our headquarters in Emsdetten provides a modern working environment and its open office layout promotes open communication and fast decision making. There is separate space to retreat for meetings or project work. The contemporary artwork inside and outside the building encourages inspiration and stimulation.

The team is young and dynamic. Every day is varied and provides new and exciting challenges. By using the latest innovative technologies, we are able to respond to change quickly and effectively.



How to apply


Online application

The quickest way is to apply online. Once your details have been received, you will receive confirmation. Please use the online application form under ‘vacancies’.


After receipt of your application, we ask for a little patience. We will review your application against the job requirements which will result in a short list of candidates. We aim to respond as quickly as possible.

Telephone or personal interview

The decision as to whether an interview will be conducted by phone or in person, will depend on the position advertised. The process is usually one or two interviews followed by a trail day. Feedback will be provided at each stage.

Job offer:
Welcome to the celexon team

After successful interviews and trial day, a formal job offer will be made and we will discuss the next steps.

Career path


We always look for people with creative minds and who enjoy a ‘hands on’ mentality.

Are you a professional, looking for a new challenge? We offer exciting opportunities in an international company.
Entry level positions
You have just completed your education and are looking for a new challenge or you are not happy in your current job and want a complete career change?

We are always looking to fill entry-level positions, please check out our vacancies.
Speculative application
Not found a suitable vacancy? Then why not send your job application to us. Please see section ‘speculative application’ on our website for details. Please specify your desired position in the subject line.


Good work experience is important for your future career. We offer students the opportunity to work for celexon when you are still studying.

We offer work experience placements in IT, business and logistics.

Working for us will be an invaluable experience. During the placement, you may be introduced to subjects suitable to be developed in your final thesis.
Trainee student
If you have completed the first few semesters of your studies and wish to put the theory into practice, then apply for a placement position with us.



During your work placement, we try and prepare you as much as possible for your future career offering responsibilities in a modern and dynamic work environment.

It is important to combine the theory with the practical aspects of work. We try and ensure that each trainee receives an individual training program.

Whenever possible, we like for our trainees to stay with us in permanent employment.

We start the selection process, one year before the training starts. Once you have found your dream job in our vacancies, you can apply.

Holiday job

Do you want to get an insight into the business world in your holidays and at the same time earn some money. We regularly look for short term support in logistics.


In general, we offer placementes for pupils but need to know your area of interest and for which period you wish to come.

We look forward to your application.

Apprentice for export merchant
During the apprenticeship you will work in many different departments.

  • You will support the purchasing team and provide customer service in the sales team.
  • You will work alongside the logistics team in the warehouse
  • You will support the finance team

This tranining is right for you if

  • You are outgoing
  • You enjoy planning and organising
  • You enjoy office work.

IT developer
During the training, you will work in many different departments

  • Software development and programming
  • Set up of test environments
  • Prepare documentation and quality assurance

This training is right for you, if

  • You are creative
  • You enjoy the design and programming
  • You enjoy working with computers

IT specialist and systems integrator
During the training, you will provide technical support to different departments.

  • Setup and installation of new work stations
  • Technical troubleshooting of both hardware and software
  • Planning and integration of IT systems

This training is right for you, if

  • You enjoy being involved with technology
  • You enjoy the planning and configuration of IT systems
  • You enjoy working with computers
Logistics employee
During your training you will receive a comprehensive insight into our logistics function

  • Professional storage of goods
  • Learn about all the logistics processes
  • Insights into the operation of an international organisation

This training is right for you, if

  • You are able to organise well
  • You enjoy manual labour
  • Office work is not for you


Visit us

Emsdetten is located close to the Ems, one of the most important conservation areas in the Muensterland with a diverse habitat of plants and animals. The Bockholter mountains and Elter Duenen are great holiday destinations. The town offers a large park with adjoining outdoor pool for relaxation.

In addition to the impressive landscape, the town offers a strong economy. It also providess comprehensive education as well as care and cultural centres. There are excellent facilities for sports and leisure activities. Emsdetten offers the amenities of a city as well country life.
The city has much to offer: a diverse cultural life, an old town with many historic buildings and the marketplace in the heart of the city. The bicycle is very popular as the main means of transportation.

With the establishment of innovative centres for research and technology and its university, Muenster offers a good basis for future orientated economic development.

Muenster has a lot to offer: the zoo longside the banks of the lake Aasee, the walks in the castle gardens up to the harbour. It provides an excellent diversity of cultural programs and leisure activities.



Please contact us with your application

You can reach us Mondays to Fridays from 8.30 to 17.00 by phone or email.
We will also attend a number of events this year in the area.
We look forward to meeting you.



1Is the position still vacant?
We update our vacancies weekly and post filled vacancies immediately
2What is the start date?
If this information is not available, it is immediate
3What documents does celexon need from me?
It is important for us that you provide complete application details: in addition to the covering letter, we require your CV as well as relevant work references and education certificates
4How should I apply?
The quickest way is to apply online via the careers page.
5When can I expect a response?
We will try to provide feedback as quickly as possible. The length of time will depend on the position and the number of applicants. Please be patient.
6Can I send a speculative application?
If no suitable positions are advertised, we are happy to receive your speculative application
7Which criteria are particularly important in the selection of candidates?
The criteria are different depending on the job and the respective requirements. You can view the details in the job description

When applying, please note:

  • Please provide your application in .pdf format with a max of 4 files.
  • The total file should not exceed 5Mb
  • When applying, please provide the name of advertised position as we as the reference number (if applicable)
  • For a complete application, the following details are required: cover letter, cv, attachments and indication of the desired salary